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Stunning Sprayed Finishes

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality paint finishes. From the preparation process all the way through to the to the types of paint we use, we ensure the highest care and quality for your fitted furniture and bespoke woodwork.


The Preparation Process

Contrary to popular belief, MDF is a fantastic product to work with. It is stable and has minimal shrinkage and movement benefits, its easy to machine and very flat with no grain.

This a fantastic and common solution to everyday budgets as well as contrasting ambient temperatures from home to home. We use it a lot and while there are different grades on offer, we use the premium grades of MDF '.​

The Finishing Process

There are several stages to finishing that include dust and mess which we carry out away from your home, bringing the finished article to you upon install.


Paints We Use

We use high quality eco-friendly paints, Mostly - waterborne lacquers from reputable wood finishing trade counters.

with todays technology these are as good as solvent based paints. without the yellowing effect solvents pose.

We Pride Ourselves on Offering a Great Finish
dedicated spray area and drying room 
we aim to achieve perfection on every job we undertake 
no matter the size, 
no matter the cost of the project.

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